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Cultural values and agility

For us, agility is not a rigid concept. It undergoes a constant evolution. We experiment and test a lot and thus find our own way. Our decisions are based on a common mindset which is determined by seven company values. These are the guiding principles on how we work with each other and with our clients.


Questioning instead of being satisfied with textbook answers.


For us, it is exciting to question the status quo. New ideas for methods or tools arise from specific project issues. Even with limited resources, we make these ideas happen. We want to provide technical excellence and help shape the QA world instead of just being part of it.


From loyalty and support comes connection.


Communication is everything. An open culture of discussion enables us to overcome barriers and prevents internal conflicts. When problems arise, we work together to find the right solution, rather than blaming others.


Move forward and focus on the goal.


We are moving forward and we want things to change for the better. We are not content with only our talents or achievements, but we strive to develop further. To feel the fresh air of market, we are in constant exchange with the community and our customers.


Enjoying things that we do.


We enjoy our work. The key to our motivation is a natural fascination for the topics we want to develop. At QualityMind,s we are looking for people who do not accept our world as it is, but who want to help shape it.


Combining your knowledge to create new ways of doing things.


There are hardly any projects where all technologies and methods are already known and very often one has to learn quickly in order to be effective. We want to achieve both in projects. We are constantly learning and we want to use the acquired knowledge to help the client move forward.


Asking questions and having courage to make mistakes.


By “doing the right thing” we mean combining the best of different principles, methods and approaches. In order to do that, we always try to be open to new things and be free of prejudices. That includes asking questions and having the courage to make mistakes.


Our deliverables are powered by method excellence.

We exceed expectations, finish what we‘ve started and we are reliable. We try to find projects we are happy to work on and say “no” to unfitting opportunities. We care deeply for our work and we don‘t deliver unsatisfactory results, no matter who the customer is. We uphold our company values. If there is a conflict between monetary profit and what we think is right, we choose the latter.

Agile Milestones

Whether it’s the meeting culture or hiring new staff, agile principles help us work in a more focused way. To experience agility end-to-end, we have introduced several practices. We refine them and invent new ones where necessary. They help us to produce the best results in the shortest time – and to innovate.

Feedback culture

Feedback is welcome and actively encouraged. This helps us quickly realise whether we are on the wrong track with our idea or whether we’ve hit the bullseye. Mistakes are recognised at a very early stage and can be corrected.

Empowerment Board

We determine how various decisions are made and, above all, which decisions the teams can make themselves.

Scrum-based meetings

We simplify the decision-making process and avoid unnecessarily long meetings.

Simple salary model

We do not motivate through money and have reduced the complexity of the salary model.

Meet the Minds' Day

We work together and then decide together whom we want to hire.

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