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An additional dental insurance for 0 Euros or a pension insurance for people who were born in the 17th century? These are just two of the funniest bugs that we found with over 30 participants during the second open Find the Bug session (and the first remote FTB session that we ever hosted) on Thursday, September 24th.

Experts, enthusiasts and those interested in software testing had the opportunity to put their tester gene to use. The participants, divided into six teams, put two selected websites under the microscope and decided between themselves what to focus on. The goal: find as many bugs as possible in the following categories: “the most bugs”, “the funniest bug” and the “the most critical bug”. And off we went. In two rounds of tests, each lasting 45 minutes, the testers examined two websites very closely and ended up with more than 150 different (!) bugs and curiosities. The funniest and most critical bugs per test object were chosen by the respective teams. To crown it all, all the participants chose their favorite bug. The winners in each category joined the “Find The Bugs Wall of Fame” and received trophies.

Whether the lucky founder of the free additional dental insurance actually used this opoortunity, remained her secret.

Since our remote session was so well received by the participants and we also had a lot of fun doing it, we will offer it again in the course of the year. The date will be published on social media as soon as it is fixed. Everyone is cordially invited.

We organise and host Find the Bug sessions individually for companies and organisations. Our experts adapt the goal of such a session completely to your requirements. A session can, for example, focus on gaining an insight into the world of software testing, can be used to test your existing product (keyword: getting a fresh perspective from the outside) or serve as an exercise for team development. Simply contact our colleague Bastian Knerr ( directly if you are interested in hosting such a session. He will discuss the possibilities with you. Prior knowledge of software testing is not necessary. Anyone can participate!


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Thomas Niedermeier