How innovative and sustainable is QualityMinds actually?

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Over 3 years ago we had a single vision: QualityMinds should become more sustainable. Today, according to the German Corporate Sustainability Navigator Benchmark Report, we are among Europe’s best in our industry category!

Together with experts from the Bayern Innovativ Enterprise Europe Network we went through a multilevel innovation assessment. We checked the status of our innovation management in terms of digitization and sustainability.

When it comes to sustainability, many companies focus solely on the ecological aspect. They analyze their consumption of energy and resources, their CO2 footprint, and the impact of their product on the environment via the life cycle assessment. Those who are familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations realize that sustainability means more than saving electricity or monitoring emissions. We need to work on these goals with specific measures to be able to achieve them by 2030.

The assessment was based on all 17 sustainable development goals. We were asked 30 questions in 4 dimensions. The 3 pillars of sustainability (economic, ecological, and social) as well as our sustainable development management were considered. For each question, our commitment was rated from 0 to 3 (0 = no engagement- 3 = integrated into the core business) and sent to a database in which the results of more than 300 companies from all over the world are now stored. For the most realistic comparison possible we referred to other Europeans companies that operate in a similar environment to ours. In the end, we compared ourselves with 50 companies and the result was clear. 

For a good sustainability strategy, it is essential to address the status quo. Only when we know our strengths and weaknesses, can we face the challenges and improve.

Thanks to the experts from Bayern Innovativ, we analyzed our strategy from an independent and external perspective and received insightful information. During our final meeting we identified our untapped potential and specific measures which will help awaken it.

This unexpectedly good result proves we are on the right track with our current strategy. It inspires us to continue with the same enthusiasm. We encourage other companies to use this opportunity and analyze their sustainability status.


IMP3rove 2021 - Corporate Sustainability Navigator Benchmarking Report -

written by

Christian Krause