Commerce & Retail


Commerce & Retail

The retail sector is forced to adapt to constant disruptions and provide for a large number of customers with high individual demands.

Digitalization creates new opportunities, technologies and services. Rapid changes in the supply chain increase pressure. Time-to-Market gets even shorter. How can innovation be implemented cost-effectively in such an environment? We provide flexibility and transparency through extensive expertise, a rich toolbox of experience and methods as well as the profound knowledge of markets and people.

QA & Software Development Processes Consulting

One of the largest chain of retail stores in Europe offering cosmetics, healthcare items, household products and health food and drinks, needs support. With tens of thousands of employees, over 3000 stores all over Europe, and millions of customers, the company requires their IT systems to be reliable, accessible and able to adapt to market challenges. Its systems were prone to errors and the changes were necessary. Our task: to implement a reliable and highly complex software system. In a wide network of stores in different countries, multiple supply chains needed to be handled by the complex ecosystem of business applications delivered by external and internal IT suppliers. All of this resulted in challenges for software development and quality assurance processes – which we were able to solve.

Commerce & Retail Case study #1

Our contribution

QualityMinds provided consulting services around software development and quality assurance processes. We developed an efficient test strategy and offered test management workshops. Responsive testing workshops ensured the adaptivity of the processes even in case of rapid changes. A “Behaviour Driven Development Feasibility Study” allowed teams to approach testing efficiently, transparently and agile even before testing started – a pragmatic approach, basically a behavioural framework for tests. All that laid the foundation to create a test automation strategy and implementation, including tooling, for a wide array of complex IT systems.


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