Media & Telecommunications


Media & Tellecommunications

Media and telecommunications sectors are facing a challenge: traditional subsciption models are increasingly being replaced by flexible ones.

New services are being invented and immediately implemented to improve customer experience and ensure user loyalty. All this has to be done efficiently in short time intervals and in a highly competitive environment. Rapid changes to existing or new systems in real time as well as high availability and scalability are critical points where knowledge and experience of QualityMinds can make a key contribution.

Test&Test Automation Framework for large scale BSS tranformation

A well-known telecommunications provider in Central Europe wants to introduce an innovative subscription model. The provider plans to rethink the product “digital first” from the scratch with focus on simplicity and flexibility, just like Uber and Spotify. Customers should be able to adapt their subscription model to their individual needs with just one click: book more or less data volume, choose between entertainment packages, add roaming and enable temporary suspension of the account. The product should still be interoperable with the traditional system but without the need for contract or visit to the shop.

Media & Tellecommunications Case study #1

Our contribution

Together with partners, QualityMinds helped implement a fully digital, e-sim compatible, flexible and easy-to-use new approach to mobile access and entertainment. It is powered by an integrated open source framework and is made possible by a large scale BSS transformation. The provider uses a hybrid cloud to create an integrated architecture solution encompassing all channels. Unlike in case of creating traditional products, the development team consisted of just over one hundred people working on the implementation and using agile methods. Young customers responded quickly and very positively to the change. Between May 2019 and February 2020, 280 000 customers downloaded the app. 50% of new users left the competition or came as brand new service users; around 27% of newly activated numbers are eSIM-based.


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