Meet the Dev: Martin


A biochemist working in our development team – how did that happen? Let us introduce you to Martin!

Name: Martin Schmidt

Job title: Software Engineer

Joined QualityMinds in… February, 2020 right at the beginning of the pandemic

When I was younger, I wanted to become an… astronaut, accountant, programmer, physicist/scientist

Education:  I’m a biochemist, so you may ask yourself how I became a software developer. In short, I was always interested in computers and programming and I’m used to thinking in terms of complex systems and models. After trying to get a PhD in biochemistry  – which I failed – I’ve fused the biochemistry and the self-tought skills together. I worked in a high throghput laboratory, programming robots and integrating them and their data into the process – that means a lot of automation. Somehow, software development for the process became my main responsibility and I’ve decided to make it my career – outside of a lab.

Current project: I’m working at SoftwareBauhaus, creating software systems for two customers. One of this projects started even before SoftwareBauhaus was established. The main goal is to do in-house software development for customers in a in-house team. One of the projects deals with business intelligence, the other with of logistics for a start-up. They are both challenging in very different ways. 

Favorite quote: “I’m suspicious of any plan to fix unfairness that starts with ‘step one, dismantle the entire system and replace it with a better one,’ especially if you can’t do anything else until step one is done. Of all the ways that people kid themselves into doing nothing, that one is the most self-serving.” – Cory Doctorow “Walkaway”.

Hobbies:  bouldering, diving, cycling, software crafting, being curious about way to many things

Fun Fact: actually, before I graduated high school, I wanted to study physics or something IT-adjacent. Since I had to study a lot of physics as well as some electrical and mechanical engineering at school, I decided to do other stuff for a living. I did not pursue computer science because I did not want to sit in front of a monitor all day. Look where that got me 😉


written by

Iza Wilkosz