Meet the Tester: Kinga


Crashing apps since floppy disks were still a thing: meet Kinga, QualityMind from our Warsaw office!

Name: Kinga Michalik

Job title: Team Lead Testing

Joined QualityMinds in… July 2018

When I was younger, I wanted to become a… musician or a policewoman

Education: I got a Masters of Computer Science degree at the Silesian University in Katowice, Poland. Back then, the university did not offer any specific courses on testing or analysis and the graduates usually became programmers. I participated in several job recruitment processes, but at some point the opportunity to start my career as a tester came. I didn’t hesitate and that’s how my journey in software testing started. In the 20 years as a tester, I usually worked as a manual tester and test coordinatior/ manager. Ocassionally, I worked with test automation as well. I also have experience working as a business analyst and a product owner.

Current project: I’m working as a Defect Manager for one of the biggest fintech companies.

Favorite quote: Always deliver more than expected.

Hobbies: Sport (cycling, climbing, voleyball), reading books, setting puzzles, watching movies and crocheting.

Fun Fact: The idea to become a software tester came to me back when I was studing at the university. One of my colleagues came to my room with a floppy disk and boasted that he created an application that “does nothing but will never crash”. While he was talking, I inserted the floppy disk to my computer and crashed his app


written by

Iza Wilkosz