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QualityMinds has been founded to help in reaching high quality in terms of software and organisations in order to improve the world. Our core purpose as well as business model is to be a service-based company in the format of Consulting Services. Independent if alone, in mixed or pure QM teams we serve customers to improve Quality. We do it by continuously learning both internally as well as at customer projects.

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QA Services

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Software Development


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Specialized QA Services

QA Services

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Agile Support


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Sustainable learning


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Engagement models

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We provide a range of services based on different models. This is based on different needs of our customers as well as different types of underyling business models.

You as a customer can engage with us through classic time & material (T&M), fixed price workshop or even agile fixed price software development. Check out the [Engagement Models] on how those models differ and worked at several customers. For every engagement model the sales and delivery process differs. We understand the needs and use our practices to find the suitable solution for your problem domain.

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