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Agile Learning Coach is a fascinating role:

You combine intensive learning support with agility. You are a personal trainer, content curator, communicator, motivator and networker for collaborative learning formats. You support learning employees and colleagues with innovative methods, metacognitive training and suitable educational opportunities.

In the training to become an Agile Learning Coach, you will acquire in-depth knowledge in the areas of learning theory and pedagogy, coaching and learning support, as well as agility. You can apply what you have learned in practical exercises and exchange ideas with other participants in our Communities of Practice. As an Agile Learning Coach, you will become a key figure in an agile learning culture.

Your benefits: you will experience how learning with agile principles and modern learning concepts can be designed individually, needs-oriented and motivating via agile learning settings, iterative learning processes and personal coaching. With our practice-oriented approach of agile learning, you will be able to accompany people on their learning journey in a targeted manner and to support them personally.

The training is an important qualification for:

  1. Experts from the field of Human Resources
  2. Managers with personnel responsibility
  3. Independent trainers
  4. Scrum Masters
  5. Agile Coaches
  6. Students in the fields of education, psychology, learning sciences and personnel development

What other participants say about our workshops:

“What I ultimately found particularly exciting is […] that the structure and handling of the learning platform perfectly illustrates the process of agile learning […] so that I could experience ‘first hand’ what agile learning actually means, how it works and what are advantages of it for my individual learning process.”

Astrid Römer

HR developer

“The training to become a Learning Coach gave me a lot of technical and methodical input that I was able to implement immediately in everyday work. Since QualityMinds exploits learning coaching and agile learning itself, there is an overwhelming feeling of authenticity in all phases and areas of training.”

Christine Stanek

Head of Training at OPED GmbH

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Simply download the PDF form, fill it in and send it to us via post, fax or email to In the subject line please put your name as well as the keyword “Training to become an Agile Learning Coach”.

In the PDF you will also find further information, like the scope of training and the participation fees of the various training packages. Do you have any questions about our training? Write to us or simply give us a call: or +49 176 31491938

Scope and effort

This is what awaits you in our training

Online content with application exercise and practical transfer

Theory imparting, application exercises and practical transfer will be developed using agile methods in self-learning phases, with full support of our learning platform. You can complete the workload of around 120 hours extremely flexibly and plan it according to your everyday life, even if you work part-time.

Exchange and collaboration

You can exchange ideas with other learners in our Community of Practice and via social media. The CoP meetings take place remotely once a month from 6.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.


During the supervision sessions, our experienced learning coaches accompany you individually on your learning journey and help you with the implementation.

Classroom training

If there is sufficient demand, we also offer intensive classroom training twice a year (four days in total).


If you pass the 90-minute exam with a theoretical and practical part, you will receive a certification including proof of performance.

Content of the training

Learning goals and motivation
How to plan learning processes in a goal-oriented manner? How to set learning goals concretely and realistically? Which factors positively influence the motivation to learn?
Self-control and metacognition
How to relearn the learning process? How to encourage self-directed and self-organized learning? What helps with monitoring, reflection and adapting self-directed learning processes?
Learning support and coaching
How to support learners individually and according to their needs? Which techniques and methods are effective, considering the time and task? How to structure learning processes efficiently and practically?
Design of coaching meetings
How to make reflection talks sustainable? How to ask the right questions? When is the right time for a helpful tip?
Agile learning process
How to embed agile values, principles and methods in the learning processes? Which roles, events and methods are helpful in the implementation? How to combine content, training offers and learning coaching in the best possible way?
Agile learning culture
How can an agile learning culture be implemented in concrete terms? How can elements of a conventional learning environment be transformed in an agile manner? How to involve different stakeholders?

Training packages at a glance

You can combine these modules in different packages in different ways:

Agile online course (ca. 120 hours)
Online learning materials on the theoretical basics of the Agile Learning approach
Online methodolgy training for Agile Learning Coaching
Online exercises for practical experiences
Community of Practice (1x per month; guided and supervised by experts)
Individual supervision (5 discussions, each 60 minutes)
  • Initial discussion
  • Planning
  • Review/Retrospective/Evaluation
  • Dealing with difficulties
  • Discussion of choice
Exam (first attempt of theoretical and practical exam, total of 90 min)
Service Hotline (technical)
Textbook (free copy of the book "Learn what you want")

Classroom training

Due to the current pandemic situation, we currently only offer our face-to-face training as a remote option. If this is a training you need, please use the appropriate selection on the registration form, but initially only book and pay for the large package so that you can immediately start learning on the platform and in the community. As soon as it is certain that there is enough demand and the minimum number of participants has been reached, we will inform you and you can upgrade to the XL package and only pay the difference between the L and XL option.

More offers

Individual supervision (individual session of 60 min.)

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Our Team

Here you will get to know some of us

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QualityLearning Consultant

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