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We put the learner, not the content, at the centre of the education process – including on our learning platform.

Most learning platforms put specific content at the centre of the learning experience. As a result, only the stored content dictates what the learners should learn. QualityLearning works on different principles – we want to put the learner at the centre of the learning experience and also map this technically.

In order to support each learner as personally as possible, we supplement our QualityLearning Tool with a research-based concept in which learners regularly and iteratively reflect on their current learning status. This is often done with the support of a teacher or a learning coach, who gives tips and tricks for more individual, sustainable and effective learning. Based on the individual learning data, motivation or progress, the adaptive system also confronts the learner with a daily challenge.

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Individual learning goals

As a learner, you are an individual. You have a unique set of skills and prior knowledge combined with your very own personal experiences and backgrounds. QualityLearning puts you, as the learner, at the centre and focuses specifically on your individual learning goals and needs. We think there is probably no one else who knows your goals better than you do. Each learner sets individual learning goals that contribute to a larger one, such as changing their own way of thinking to be able to work in a more innovative environment or developing their individual potential to take the next step in their career.

Self-organized learning
In order to learn successfully in a self-organized manner, you should reflect on your individual learning goals, work on them regularly and try out new learning methods in the course of the process. But don’t worry, you won’t be doing it all by yourself. We support you with our educational framework and various tools to develop a better understanding of what you need in your individual learning process and what you could try out next. Depending on your individual learning goal, we will provide you with suitable content and you can start the learning session straight away.
Continuous feedback

Feedback helps you to recognize whether you are on the right path to achieving your goals, whether your current work or study load is too high or too low, and how you can improve yourself. Feedback can take several forms, such as quiz results and improvement lists, or be given by another person such as your tutor or mentor. It is important to reflect on the learning process and acquire both metacognitive and self-study skills that will help you give yourself feedback and not be too harsh or too soft on yourself.

Combination of agile principles with educational research
Many individuals and organizations see the agile mindset as a helpful approach to deal with the increasing complexity, as it is more collaborative, experimental and focused on people’s needs. Because agile principles have many similarities with learning, especially in concepts like feedback, iterative research, and self-regulated learning, we incorporate these proven theories and practices and combine them with our knowledge of agility.

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