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Agility means change – everywhere

Mindset, leadership, organisation, collaboration, values – transformation to agile ways of working includes all these topics. Each process of change, each transformation is as different as you, your team and your company. Are you looking for support on this journey? We can help, because – as an agile company – we explore new solutions for particular situations every day. We consciously experiment with new things and question the status quo.

Agile Coaching

Our agile coaches help organisations, or, more precisely, individual teams as well as the management, find their way towards agile working methods and to implement them together with us. “Agile Leadership” and “Agile@Scale” are terms that we discuss in our workshops. We can also provide guidance in the transformation of your teams towards agility. We are familiar with the common scaling frameworks such as LeSS, SAFe or Nexus, and always keep an eye on the individual employees in order to bring everyone along to the new forms of collaboration.


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Scrum Master

Are you looking for a scrum master for a scrum team? Or a coach for one or more of your scrum masters? You have come to the right place. Our scrum masters have project experience and have already provided many scrum teams in different industries with valuable impulses or helped them out of difficult situations.


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Remote Team Master

Diffused and remote teams are the “new normal”, and it is not only Corona pandemic forcing us into home offices. However, if you find that diffused collaboration isn’t working, we are there for you: our remote team masters help diffused teams make meetings more interactive and creative, promote communication and team spirit, identify problems early and remove obstacles. Do you want to create a digital environment with emphasis on collaboration and team spirit? The remote team master is the right solution for you.


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