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Working in a home office and thus in a diffused, digital collaboration may be the “new normal”, but it poses new challenges to teamwork. How can digital team collaboration run in a proper and motivating way? How can on-site meetings be effectively and creatively relocated into a digital environment without being tiring and sluggish? How can natural communication continue to take place in the digital space without having to set appointments for it? How can the team spirit be kept high despite the physical distance and isolation of the team members?

If you and your team are facing similar challenges and are looking for ways to improve your digital teamwork, our Remote Team Masters will be happy to help you.

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Remote Scrum Master - how not to let empathy fall by the wayside.

Remote Scrum Master - how not to let empathy fall by the wayside.


Effective and engaging online collaboration of diffused teams with Remote Team Master

We at QualityMinds have been working in diffused teams as well as with our customers at our locations in Munich, Nuremberg and Warsaw for several years.

Thanks to our solid experience in this matter and the corresponding methodological know-how, our Remote Team Masters can support you and your team. They boost your online and remote work – whether agile or not – and raise digital collaboration to a new level: from the appropriate choice of tools, via the design and moderation of meetings to organising events in the scope of team building and process design.

Similar to a Scrum Master in an agile team, our Remote Team Masters ensure that new solutions are tried out, our collective working methods are analysed and the familiar settings questioned, in order to grow together in the team step by step. It is particularly important for our Remote Team Masters not to lose sight of the individual team members and to involve each of them in shaping the new “how” of cooperation.

In addition, our Remote Team Masters have a high degree of empathy and intuition to assess where and when they are particularly needed: be it in the moderation of a meeting, the creative preparation of a workshop, the removal of acute team obstacles or the mediation of a conflict within the team. This creates a digital environment for your team in which the individual members not only enjoy working, but also achieve outstanding results together.

8 reasons why a Remote Team Master makes your project successful

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In the thick of things instead of just nearby

You plan to improve your digital teamwork and need support in doing so? Our Remote Team Masters are looking forward to taking a close look at your digital work together with you and establishing a new or modified form of collaboration that perfectly suits you and your needs.

Similar to a Scrum Master, our Remote Team Masters become part of your team and accompany you in your daily work. They have a wide range of methods and practices that can refresh and positively change collaboration, especially in the digital environment – from digital team building activities and tools for digital collaboration on the virtual whiteboard, to mediation methods, should a conflict arise in the team.

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Here you will find links to our blog posts, or materials to download for use in your diffused team.

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