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Heroes of Diversity Consulting
Our diversity journey started with the foundation of QualityMinds. From the very beginning, our team consisted of many nationalities such as Polish and Greek, to name a few. Nowadays, it is hard to tell how much impact they had on our company culture. We don’t have to: every day we experience the positive influence of different perspectives, backgrounds and mentalities.

We were lucky because many things developed naturally
during this journey.

However, there were some aspects of diversity that we needed to address and we decided to take an active and structured approach. For years we strived to improve the hiring quota of men and women in all our departments. We also participate in networks dedicated to gender equality. We found many like-minded people among our customers and partners, who also face similar challenges. And we learn from another.

Our journey is far from over but we want to share our experiences. Our core business, the information technology – equipped us with two important tools: agility and user centricity. Both help us successfully create software in complex environments and we apply them to the diversity issue as well. “Inspect and adapt” as well as taking numerous small steps towards our vision are principles which prove very useful in both those areas. The mantra “you are not your user” helps avoid half measures and “one size fits all” solutions in software development as well as in dealing with structural injustice.

We are convinced that many companies will enter a path towards more diversity and equal opportunities: some of them will do it because they are passionate about it, just like us. Others will follow since in the future promotion and structured implementation of diversity will simply be necessary and self-explanatory.

Together with our customers, we want to find new paths to a sustainable implementation of diversity principles in our companies. We strive to develop new solutions to improve our recruiting process, raise awareness and create new role models.

Julian Traut

It took Julian to get “somewhat middle-aged” to fully understand that there is more about diversity than saying “Native American”. Since the initial impulse during his psychology studies, he has been passionately working on big and small adjustments for more diversity and equal opportunities in the IT sector. He is currently working on the issue of how agility and user-centeredness can be transferred from software development to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. In doing so, he combines 15 years of experience as requirements engineer and Product Owner with his passion: bringing more diversity to the IT industry.

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Heroes of QualityMinds