Testability of Requirements

Testability - the bridge between RE and test


Regardless of whether you develop in a classic or agile way: what exactly can you do to have your requirements tested more effectively and efficiently? We can give you a precise answer to this question, since we know the needs of testers very well from our own practical experience.

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Testability - the unknown terrain

How would you explain the term “Testability”? If you hesitate here, it’s only natural: the distinction between functional Testability (do the testers have all the necessary information to design the test?) and Technical Testability (do we have sufficient control over our test environment to be able to carry out the planned tests?) alone, shows that the topic is extremely multi-layered!

In Requirements Engineering, we deal with functional Testability and determine – ideally together with the testers – what would help them most in their work. Possible measures are, for example, the choice of the notation for a specific requirement, Acceptance Criteria as test scenarios/examples, or Risk Assessment in order to determine the scope of the test.

We will be happy to help you identify and practice the steps that are suitable for you and your team.

Testability - a broad field

Many Testability topics concern the execution of tests and should be discussed with the architects in your team (see graphic, right column “Technical Testability”). In Requirements Engineering, however, we deal with the question of reducing the effort involved in test design.

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Testability of Requirements Workshops

At QualityMinds workshops, we take our participants on an exciting and insightful journey. Since we want you to get the most out of it, we prefer to work with your own, specific examples. That is why we prepare each workshop thoroughly with you and clarify your goals, previous knowledge and resources.

Workshop “Testability” (1 day)

Requirements should be testable (see INVEST or IREB), but what does it mean exactly? And how do you ensure this Testability in your requirements at an early stage? Regardless of whether you work method is agile or not: the workshop conveys tried and tested methodological tools and gives you the opportunity to practice them using your own examples.

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What distinguishes us mostly – apart from our “quality mindset” – is our project experience and methodical excellence.

Highly satisfied customers are our capital and our goal at the same time. Do you need support in agile RE? Then let’s clarify how can we help you in an initial meeting!

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