Specialized QA Services and Concepts


We have a broad range of expertise in quality assurance.

The landscape of technology is very complex. Several domains like AI/ML, Agile, Data, DevOps, Cloud, etc. exist and require specialized approches to quality assurance. For many years, we have collected a lot of experience and method excellence, which is realated to the aforementioned domains. For our customers this knowledge is consolidated in specialized QA services with their own approaches, methods and tools.

What kind of specialized QA services do we offer?

The following list of services are tailored to the domains we collected a lot of knowledge and expertise in:

AI / ML Testing

Testing of AI / ML based systems fundamentally changes the perspective of QA. We offer innovative approaches on how to pursuit this challenge.


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Autonomous Driving Testing

Autonomous driving is the big league of AI / ML testing. We offer experience and state-of-the-art research approaches combined with tooling for this fascinating domain.


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Data Warehouse & ETL Testing

Automation in testing is a must-have for every project nowadays. We offer consulting and coaching on strategy, architecture, implementation, maintenance and refactoring of test automation in your project.


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Test Data & Test Environment Management

Usable software has to be tested on its load and performance behaviour. We offer a broad spectrum of strategy and technology-driven consulting services in this area.


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TestMaster Consulting & Certification Path

Test management is the crucial activity, especially in large-scale projects. We offer consulting on how to design and implement an efficient test management strategy.


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