Autonomous Driving Testing

Specialized QA Services and Concepts

Autonomous driving is a thrilling domain for applying AI / Machine Learning. Quality plays an essential role in implementing higher levels of automation in driving cars. Especially since the complexity of this domain is extremely high.

Quality in the future of driving!

QualityMinds have a lot of experience in quality assurance. We apply this knowledge to several domains such as AI testing. One of the fascinating application domains for AI is autonomous driving, where computer vision and tons of data from a huge variety of sensors are being collected, analyzed and used for planning and controlling the vehicle. Since this area is critical for safety, the quality assurance of such systems is a major requirement for the future of driving. We have a profound knowledge and project experience in this area. We cooperate with well-established OEMs, suppliers as well as research insitutes. We offer consulting and operational project support in this area.

We provide quality in the field of autonomous driving

Quality assurance of autonomous driving requires a lot of knowledge from different areas like software engineering, AI/ML testing, data science, IoT and sensor fusion as well as computer vision.

In certain cases, when synthetic data generation is being used together with computer-based simulation, such technical knowledge and experience are required.

We combine a wide range of knowledge in those areas, but mainly focus on the quality assurance aspects. We offer our customers a more holistic approach rather than specialized services for embedded systems of computer graphics.

The advantage of this approach is that we aim for the quality of the overall autonomous system and not only single components. We are active in the research community within this topic and provide state-of-the-art approaches for autonomous driving testing.


Our currently running projects on autonomous driving are:

QualityMinds AI Testing Experts

Our team combines knowledge of QA and deep AI / ML expertise in a field which is being researched at this very moment.

Tobias Varlemann

Lead R&D

Dr Namrata Gurung

Data Scientist

Bettina Stühle-Stein

Senior Test Expert

Dr Michael Mlynarski


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