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QualityMinds celebrates its first decade

Ten years ago, QualityMinds GmbH set itself the goal of becoming a company that learns how to approach things differently and thus do better from the experiences of all its employees.

The company, which provides services in the field of quality assurance, software engineering, development and testing, currently employs around 300 people at four locations: Nuremberg, Munich, Berlin and Warsaw. Its portfolio also includes consulting services on agility, continuous learning and teaching at the workplace, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Make things differently – with success

At QualityMinds, the employees make the technical decisions since they are the ones who actually are knowledgeable on the subject. The management of QualityMinds, consisting of Dr Michael Mlynarski, Dr Vera Baum and Robert Fleming, agree on that:

“There’s no point leaving the ivory tower and setting out a certain path without having the expertise required to be successful.”

In their opinion, QualityMinds was a rebel among the start-ups from the get-go and that helped them avoid many hurdles.

“We simply did things and never overly fixated on stuff that did not work,” says Michael Mlynarski, CEO of QualityMinds. According to their own statements, they took a lot of risks, but always considered the potential consequences of certain decisions. Today, they consciously focus on various business areas in order to create security through diversity.

Even the experts keep on learning

Generally speaking, in the beginning, the companies are far from perfect. Every CEO knows that. Therefore, it is crucial to learn continuously. Originally, many decisions were made more or less spontaneously. Over the years, to establish planning security in teams, more and more structures were implemented.

“We still work differently than the others but we grew up a lot”, states Robert Fleming. “We god rid of the classic employee reviews and replaced them with feedback culture. We believe that feedback should be delivered immediately, not at the end of the quarter.”

Deeply rooted in Nuremberg

Nuremberg, the birthplace of QualityMinds, has a very special meaning for the company. To further demonstrate the connection with the Franconian metropolitan area, QualityMinds became a sponsor of the Nürnberg Digital Festival in 2022. The CEOs are convinced that Nuremberg has many things to offer as an IT hub.

“Nuremberg is an established industrial city and develops dynamically in areas such as research and development, as well as future technologies. We have a good network here and we want to push the IT sector in the region forward, provide more exchange of ideas, the same way it’s been happening in Munich for years”, says Fleming. In addition to being one of the QualityMind’s CEOs, he’ an acting manager for several regional IT initiatives comprised of many companies, such as the RSVE Mittelstandsallianz.

The future of QualityMinds

The mentality of openness to new things and reacting swiftly to changes lies at the core of the company. That is why the company goals are not set in stone for many years to come. This way, the organisation can adapt easily and fluidly to the changes in the market.
However, there is one permanent goal: to grow constantly and sustainably. Therefore, the figures should not determine everything, says Vera Baum:

“The employees and their personalities are our focus. They are the ones necessary for delivering quality to the customers and they make all the difference.”

It is a fact that the future brings many unexpected things. If you keep an open mind, choose right people for the company and provide transparency, these unexpected things are guaranteed to be good ones.


10 jahre der innovation

written by

Iza Wilkosz