Two days of “testing in an agile environment” with ReDI School and QualityMinds

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ReDI School is a German non-profit company that offers support in the IT-focused education of refugees and other marginalized groups. This training includes IT-related specialized courses as well as mentorship and career advice.

The IT classes are conducted by volunteers working in the IT industry. Its purpose is to make entering the German job market easier for people who received their education elsewhere and thus help fight the labor force shortage. Additionally, it helps connect companies and course participants as well as broaden their contact networks. Since ReDi School is a social enterprise, its impact and contribution is more important than monetary gain.

QualityMinds participated in this initiative in Munich and presented the area of software testing to a class. A total of two teaching days covered various topics:

Find the Bug Session:

  • Joint session presenting the methodology during which the participants learn about software testing in a playful way. It includes detecting software bugs, discussing the requirements and software quality as well as underlying the importance of documenting the testing process. The session also provides the first insights into the further proceedings of a cross-functional testing team: what happens after the bug is reported?


  • an introduction to software testing – what do we do and what for? Which concepts are important and which methods can be applied in an agile environment?

Exploratives Testing:

  • a session with a specific system under test which helps participants get acquainted with the methodology. Applying the co-called journey tests makes the introduction to the topic easier.

Risk Storming:

  • How does a risk-oriented test approach actually work in an agile environment? Using an exemplary system under test, a complete risk storming session ( was held together and the advantages and possible disadvantages were discussed.

At the end of the course the participants presented their projects, and we had the chance to listen to their ideas live in site – thank you very much for it!

An extra “thank you” for those exciting days goes to the participating Minds and ReDI employees – and of course to our Munich class. It was so much fun!


written by

Bastian Karl Knerr