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Agile learning – a new approach with passion

What if, instead of the content, curricula and certificates we consistently placed the learner at the centre of learning process? Or if the employees themselves could decide what, when and why to study? What if education took place in an environment in which the acquired knowledge could be immediately put into practice?

QualityMinds has set itself the goal of implementing agility in everyday business from the very beginning. This of course also includes learning. In times full of changes and revolutionary innovations, every organization as a whole, as well as every part of an organization, has to learn constantly. In software development, the speed with which new techniques, methods and framework conditions are created is particularly high.

Already in the first years of QualityMinds, it became clear to us that traditional training settings do not meet these requirements nor our personal desire for responsibility and self-organization in learning. Classical training courses with long planning cycles and content-dominated structures often lack the inclusion of individual’s prior knowledge and are not available promptly when they are really needed.

For this reason, we had the courage to fundamentally question learning in a company context. The answer to these questions was our development of an agile learning approach that combines the findings from teaching-learning research with the core issues of agility.

The key points of the agile learning approach at a glance

  1. The learner is constantly in the spotlight.
  2. Personal responsibility and self-organization are the key principles.
  3. Learning objectives, learning materials, formats and settings are chosen independently.
  4. Learning is individualized, needs-oriented and practical.
  5. Learning and practical exercise are inextricably linked.
  6. Personal and individual support and metacognitive training by an Agile Learning Coach are crucial elements.
  7. Collaborative and cooperative learning are important components.
  8. In terms of time, the learning process is structured in manageable, iterative phases.
  9. Continuous feedback and evaluations ensure rapid adaptivity.
  10. Our courage has paid off in recent years. The response has been overwhelmingly positive – employees tell how their motivation really blossoms through regular successes and learning together with colleagues. Agile Learning Coaches also take the strain off the management, and the teams benefit from the fact that individual and collective learning goals are linked in a transparent way. Learning together is firmly anchored in the corporate culture.

Educational Justice not only in the company

The agile learning approach also enables something that is important to us not only in a business context: Educational Justice. We believe it is not fair to give the same thing to all, but to each and everyone what is needed to achieve their goals.

That is why we are particularly proud to have been able to present and discuss our approach at the United Nations in New York.

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