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DevOps, which is a set of practices combining software development and IT operations, became very popular over the last couple of years. It allows to fully automate a huge number of processes and create easily manageable high-quality products in the short period of time.

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What is DevOps?


What can DevOps do for your product?

The main goal of our DevOps team is to help clients develop the best quality software. We provide complex solutions covering multiple fields of software development. Our expertise allows us to build continuous integrated processes for complex applications based on different tools and cloud providers. Our solutions provide full automation of your infrastructure, high availability of your production applications as well as observability and monitoring systems for critical parts of your systems. We work with the most popular tools available on the market. We also offer consulting services and direct project support.

DevOps Consulting

The tasks of a DevOps engineer depend on the project and the customer’s needs.

We begin with the software quality improvement by implementing CI/CD processes which detect bugs in the early stages. In more complex projects the most common errors are caused by human mistakes and that is why we put huge effort in automation (with the help of tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Argo and many more). We are well familiar with various cloud service providers (such as Azure, AWS or Hetzner, to name a few), and we can help you achieve the best software performance while keeping the costs optimized for you.

Anticipating issues and solving them before the real damage appears is critical and helps save your time and money. Broken production system can lead to numerous issues and to avoid that, we offer services such as observability as well as state-of-the-art alerting, monitoring, backup, and recovery solutions.

Security is one of our top priorities. We take great care in building safe and up-to-date solutions which significantly decrease software vulnerability and are consistent with best market practices.

QualityMinds DevOps experts

Our international DevOps team offers expertise combined with years of practice. Meet some of our team members.

Bartłomiej Smętek Team Lead DevOps

Bartłomiej Smętek

Team Lead DevOps

Jakub Piasek DevOps Engineer

Jakub Piasek

DevOps Engineer

Przemysław Król DevOps Engineer

Przemysław Król

DevOps Engineer

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