Meet the Dev: Juli


Meet Juli from our R&D team: traveler, pianist and digital nomad.

Name: Julian Hiroki Böhm

Job title: Developer and UI/UX Designer in the R&D team

Joined QualityMinds… in 2018

When I was younger, I wanted to become a… Pianist. I played the piano when I was 5-13 years old and was pretty talented, so I imagined myself doing that for a long time.

Education: I went to a high school close to Munich and studied Business Informatics in Rosenheim.

Current project: Currently, I am working with two startups. The first one is an art investment platform, that aims to make blue chip art investment available for everyone. There, I am responsible for the UI and UX of the website and app, with a strong focus on emphasizing the brand. In my second project, we want to make load carrier handling more efficient. I design and evaluate the design and usability of the platform, and develop new features.

Hobbies: I feel inspired by traveling, because every new environment I throw myself in enhances another part of my personality, so I can learn a lot about myself. Other then that, I love going to concerts, exchanging ideas with people and enjoying a delicious breakfast in a café. I also love to open my laptop and just see what happens. Sometimes, I edit photos, write down some thoughts or just watch something. Also, I discovered diving last year, and I am having so much fun that I aim to be a certified Dive Master one day.

Fun Fact: I started to live as a digital nomad in 2020. I spent 17 months on the Island of the Gods AKA Bali, which was my first time being away from home for longer than a month. It was very interesting to see how much humans and their cultures can differ. It was confronting and challenging on different levels, but probably the hardest part was to come back to Munich and face my previous environment. For the next few months, I‘m planning to live in Barcelona, the Netherlands and France.

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