Meet the Tester: Bastian


From business management to bug hunting – meet Bastian!

Name: Bastian Knerr (or simply “Ey!”)

Job title: Test Consultant

Joined QualityMinds in… 2020

When I was younger, I wanted to become a… Teacher


I studied Business Economics / Accounting and Controlling for my B. Sc., but quickly found out this was not a suitable direction for me. I continued with a Master in International Management – mainly because it was necessary for my time abroad in India and to open up for other paths.
Subsequently I tried to find my way from business management into the software world via my first job as a license compliance consultant for software companies.
I never really recongized it, but being annoyed by perceived misbehavior of software has always been part of my daily routine, thus I’m pretty happy to now be able to learn how to mitigate this!

Current project: 

I am currently working as a Product Owner for a company in the health sector. We are a regression test-team and try to minimize possible risks in the software’s development and release phase via multiple testing methodologies (automated and manual). This all aims at increasing confidence in and quality of the released software.

Besides, I’m working as a (sub)project lead in an automotive project where we try to find a stringent and verifiable chain of reasoning for safeguarding AI function modules in the context of highly autonomous driving. Our subproject aims at analysing synthetic data for corner cases, which are basically situations in which the AI functionality computes an unexpected and functionally insufficient result, although a correct behavior was expected.

And additionally, I found my passion for conducting workshops all things software quality, e.g. Find the Bug Sessions or Risk Storming!

Favorite quote: “Change alone is the only constant”

Hobbies: Different sports (biking, running, soccer), lots of music and friends

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