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Everyone wants to know the future, but the only way to predict it is to track what’s happened in the past. Especially in technologies sector which is growing faster than any other with chat GPT, AI and, of course, in the devops field (or the so-called platform engineering). There is no better way to catch up with the market trends that joining fairs and conferences. In the devops world, there is no better one than Kubecon.

This year‘s edition took place in Amsterdam. The previous one was organized in 2022 in Valencia and this first on-site edition after the covid outbreak it brough over 7 thousand participants. This year statistics are not yet published, but we can only assume it outgrown the previous one. Nevertheless, the scale of the event was amazing and it matched our interests perfectly. The event was organized in the RAI Center with huge attention to every detail. Everything worked like in a well designed Swiss clock (or as we would say: the event deployment was synchronized and all pipelines were green). Starting with prelections, which took place in different buildings, through fairs and solution showcases from different companies, ending on the basics like food or coffee.

Since we were participating as a team, we were able to split and attend multiple prelections simultaneously. We got a chance to learn about upcoming features in new Kubernetes versions, find new ways to protect our infrastructure and discuss different approaches for observability and monitoring solutions. Among huge number of topics that were covered, we found a lot of interesting ones that we can present to our clients and improve the quality of the services we offer. We got a fresh view on issues we faced in past and the possible solutions.

Last but not least, as active users we exchanged experiences with multiple companies and vendors on the UX of their products. Discussions about new technologies, plans and possible implementations as well as the value that they can bring us continued for the entire conference.

We will spend the upcoming weeks on tests and PoC of a variety of tools we’ve learned about, and we are more than sure that with them quality of products we deliver will increase. Devops today, platform engineer tomorrow, no matter how we call it, we are now confident about direction it’s all going.

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Kubecon 2023

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