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Meet the Tester: Katja

Our testing teams are a diverse group of people: some of them are already experts in their field, others are starting their journey into the world of quality assurance. Some are “classically trained” IT specialist while others did something completely different before they switched careers. In our new “Meet the Tester” series the people behind the QualityMinds testing teams introduce themselves and talk about their background and interests. Without further ado: meet Katja!

Name: Katja Meyer

Job title: Team Lead Testing

Joined QualityMinds in… 2019

When I was younger, I wanted to become a… forensic scientist

I’ve always been very curious and interested in understanding how things work, especially in nature. That’s why I started studying biology with a focus on microbiology (in particular everything that makes you sick) and molecular sciences. I ended up writing my PhD thesis in plant sciences (an area that I had never envisioned for myself) on the molecular mechanisms of the circadian clock. In 2019 I switched my career path and I am digging my way into software testing.

Current project
We are a team of two test automation engineers and two developers who are responsible for the UI test automation in a big banking project. We use a Gherkin/BDD approach for the test cases and a Selenium/Java automation framework.

Favorite quote: “Sing like nobody’s listening”

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