Meet the Tester: Peter


Meet Peter AKA Pixel, gamer, almost-geologist and The Guy who Breaks Everything.

Name: Peter “Pixel” Hartauer

Job title: Principal Test Consultant (AKA: the guy who breaks everything)

Joined QualityMinds in… 2016

When I was younger, I wanted to become a… locomotive driver

I am blessed with a dad who took me on many trips all over the world. Since I was 4, I was able to meet other people, get to know other cultures und was introduced to the magical world of science. While I was at school, I did a lot of chemical and physical experiments as a hobby. So, there was a lot of loud booms and destruction in my early years. I also was and still am a gamer, mostly RTS, RPG or EcoSim. So before I started at the university, I needed to make a decision: an IT-related study or geology/mineralogy. I chose the latter but because of poor job prospects I switched to IT eventually. After an apprenticeship I worked as an IC Consultant, then switched to teach people in ISTQB, REQB, IQBA and other classes the skills of quality, testing, requirements engineering and more. There I met Michael Mlynarski and after some years I joined QualityMinds as the Team Lead Testing Essentials. To focus more on methodology and keep the work-life-balance I handed over the team lead to my colleagues.

Current project:
I’m helping a customer in the tax sector create a B2C application for iOS, Android and Web. My main task ist process development, quality process improvement and introduction as well as establishing an agile working culture and processes within a grown environment. It is a combination of individual assistance and overall project consulting

Favorite quote: “Be with someone who makes you happy”

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