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Meet the Tester: Thorsten

He wanted to be Batman when he grew up – meet our QualityHero Thorsten!

Name: Thorsten Prehn

Job Title: Senior Test Automation Specialist

Joined QualityMinds in… 2019

When I was younger, I wanted to become… Batman


I studied geography because I liked that class at school but I found out soon enough that studying it at the university was a totally different subject. I decided to change majors in 2008 and began my training as an IT specialist for application development in the public sector. I often wondered why they taught us programming but not how to properly test the stuff we programmed. Lucky enough, one of my instructors at work was a test automation engineer and he taught me a lot about software testing. That and my curiosity about everything were the reasons I switched to software testing after the official part of my education was done. For eight years, I worked at the family fund department of my employer and tested software (manually and automated) related to this topic.

Current project:

We are a small team of test automation engineers and developers who develop and maintain a backend test automation framework based on Java and Cucumber for the testing team of the client.

The framework is used to create testcases in BDD/Gherkin style syntax and tests the “business logic” of a big European banking project.

Favorite quote

“Von nix kommt nix” (“You can’t make something out of nothing” but I like the simplicity of the German version)

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Thorsten Prehn

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