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Remote work became the new normal and in many cases it will stay this way in 2021. Last year, we at QualityMinds learned a lot about working remotely and we also made some progress with our VR product NextGenCollab. Here’s a short update.

We already started first field tests with various users. Soon we realised that NextGenCollab is at its most efficient if all users meet in virtual reality as opposed to meeting via different platforms (for example, via virtual reality and other web apps on the computer). The biggest challenge we are facing right now is the collaboration and haptics which cannot be fully covered by classic video conferencing (such as Teams or Zoom) or interactive boards (like Mural or Conceptoboard). Only the VR glasses or finger tracking make it possible to provide the impression of actual presence and realistic cooperation. The tests in small groups of 2-5 users confirm this assessment.

The product worked well with the platform HTC Vive Setting and the first generation of the Facebook Oculus Quest glasses. Last year, the second generation of Oculus Quest was introduced (check out and it offers better resolution, performance as well as wearing comfort. We adapted NextGenCollab to the newest version of the Oculus glasses and implemented finger tracking to both versions (the controller in the app is not necessary anymore).

Currently, we are using NextGenCollab on four sets of VR glasses at the QualityMinds office and we want to conduct further field tests in bigger user groups (5 people and more). We invite and encourage you to participate in these tests! You can either use your own VR glasses or we can lend you the equipment. If you are interested, contact us via

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