Digital Transformation with Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Data Science Overview

Data Science from AI Strategy Consulting to MLOps:

How does AI support your business processes? At QualityMinds, we help you figure that out – hands-on with data science professionals or with AI testing, but also through comprehensive strategy consulting.

We are familiar with the challenges in AI modeling – from pre-processing and ML engineering to MLOps. Furthermore, we have extensive project experience, especially in working with NLP (Natural Language Processing), including generative AI applications with LLMs (Large Language Models). We also offer specialized expertise in the area of autonomous driving and computer vision, from our project experience.

But why are artificial intelligence and machine learning also important topics for your digitalization strategy?


  • The technologies are developing at a rapid pace, and you won’t be able to avoid them. Early adopters will experience an advantage with a structured AI strategy.
  • ML and AI generate value from data and thus build on big data and data analysis, etc., along your business processes.
  • Artificial intelligence is already a central component of many efficient digitalization strategies.

Artificial Intelligence – A Must in Your Digitalization Strategy

The strategic use of AI not only opens up new horizons but also enables sustainable value creation and positioning in the era of digital transformation.

The integration of AI into business processes opens up new opportunities for increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and promoting innovation.
Projected growth of the global AI market
72% of companies consider AI to be a business advantage

How do Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning differ?

What is Machine Learning and why should we have a closer look at it?

QualityHeroes Podcast Episode 28: Dr. Namrata Gurung talks about Machine Learning.

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A technique that enables machines to mimic human behavior.

Machine Learning (ML)

A subset of AI techniques that use machine learning models trained to perform a specific task.


Machine learning using neural architectures that utilize multiple hidden layers.

Customer Testimonial

„We were particularly impressed by the high level of engagement and competence of the QualityMinds team. Even under time pressure, it always found creative workarounds and innovative solutions for our KI-Werkstatt platform. These solutions can also assist us in other areas beyond the product. The working methods of the QualityMinds team, which, for example, also conducted comprehensive load tests and interpreted them, have convinced us sustainably. After just five weeks, a platform for DATEV’s clients was created, allowing for the integration and utilization of further DATEV prototypes and running within the DATEV Cloud Native infrastructure.

Project: KI-Werkstatt

Dominik Henkel

Chief Product Owner Generative AI, DATEV

Expertise: Autonomous Driving

QualityMinds offers more than 200 experts in Germany and Poland with deep expertise in software engineering, especially in the areas of quality assurance and artificial intelligence.

Since 2018, in collaboration with all German OEM manufacturers (Original Equipment Manufacturers), strategic automotive suppliers, and research institutes, we have been developing solutions to ensure the safety and quality of autonomous driving systems. We combine our consulting experience with strong research and development activities.

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Our Portfolio in Artificial Intelligence

Our expertise ranges from the implementation of AI in business applications through data analysis, data science, data and ML engineering, to cutting-edge AI modeling and prototyping. We have also established our own AI cluster infrastructure, consisting of 8 NVIDIA RTX™ A6000 GPUs with 384 GB RAM for training and testing AI models.

Funktionales Testen

Testing AI and ML

  • AI Testing Strategy
  • Quality of Test Data
  • Hands-on Testing
  • ML-based Testing Tools
  • Corner Cases
  • Computer Vision
Funktionales Testen

AI Strategy und ML Engineering

  • AI Strategy und Use Case Management
  • Data Science
  • Pre-Processing
  • Data- & ML-Engineering
  • MVP
  • AI-Infrastructure/MLOps
  • UI/UX

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Tobias Varlemann

Tobias Varlemann

Lead R&D

Dr. Namrata Gurung

Dr. Namrata Gurung

Data Scientist

Bettina Stühle-Stein

Bettina Stühle-Stein

Senior Test Expert

Dr. Michael Mlynarski

Dr. Michael Mlynarski


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