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The challenge: reducing complexity

Companies and business leaders face a demanding challenge: to meet the changing conditions of the market, they have to deal with digitalisation and related software development – and they are running out of time. The development of customised software is highly complex, but “time to market” procedure forces all companies to deliver projects quickly and in high quality.

You and other entrepreneurs invest a lot of time and money in the administrative effort through the selection, coordination and quality assurance of freelancers and many external suppliers per project. In most cases, this is neither economical nor does it make the project particularly successful and the domain of software development becomes even more complex instead of more manageable.

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Our motto: 'Form Follows Function' in Software Development

Software Bauhaus by QualityMinds stands for more than 100 years of striving to align design with the user’s needs. Our promise: to understand your challenges and to combine software design with development craftsmanship in such a way that your customised software becomes a real economic argument for your company. We stand for the highest quality within short development cycles. Thanks to our agile procedures and deep technological know-how, we simply take the challenges of speed and complexity off your shoulders.

This is how we ultimately reduce complexity and give you the space your company needs to act. Thinking ahead and thus steering ahead!

How we develop your customised software together

Our well-coordinated teams of developers, testers, requirements engineers and scrum masters concentrate exclusively on your product vision and the software to be developed.

We start with the Discovery Phase in which we use Design Thinking methods and Requirements Engineering know-how to work on your challenges (with workshops, mockups, etc.) until we have created a solution as well as a product vision. Such approach has a fixed price and carries only a minimum risk for you: if we have worked out the right thing together, then we continue. If not, you only pay for the workshops.

With a clear product vision, we enter the Build Phase, where we start with the creation of a backlog. Then we put together a team of development professionals, who build the first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) independently and in short cycles. With the agile fixed-price model, you – as customer – can decide at any time whether to continue building or not. After each iteration, you get a functioning software that can be immediately used in production. Here we are guided by the DevOps idea.

If the MVP brings added value to your end customers and you have established a business case on it, then we build it together and are happy to scale the operation of the products on our data centres or on your premises.

As Software Bauhaus we accompany you and your product from the early phases of software design to productive use and operation – a complete package without internal administration costs!

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Think ahead, steer ahead!

Your Digital Journey: 8 reasons for Software Bauhaus as a reliable partner.

Minimal investment for Discovery Phase with very high added value and trust building.

No overhead for managing product teams on your part, but fast delivery of work packages.

High quality through concentrated knowledge and experience instead of micro-controlling and "ping-pong" with many service providers.

Risk sharing with the Agile Fixed Price: you can stop or pause at any time!

Cost advantages both through an agile approach and mixed price models with nearshoring.

State-of-the-art technological know-how, see stackshare.

Agile mindset of a start-up on which QualityMinds was built.

And on top of that: besides excellence and quality, we also bring a lot of fun to projects that help clients become more successful!

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Would you like to find out more about what we offer at Software Bauhaus or do you have a product idea that you would like to implement? Get to know us – together we will find out how we can support you and get your idea off the ground. We look forward to your message at softwarebauhaus@qualityminds.de

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