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What does agility actually mean? In a nutshell, it describes the ability of people or organizations to react quickly and effectively to changes. Agile processes have not only changed software development, but also the software itself. It is subjected to constant, frequent and far-reaching changes. In order to develop a successful product, testing also has to adapt – and this is where agile testing comes into play.
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Agile testing? Do it right!

Agile teams involve their clients in the development process and regularly provide them with new, small software packages for evaluation. As part of the process, it is important to identify customer needs at an early stage and ensure their efficient implementation. The software is therefore frequently and sometimes also profoundly adapted. The advantages are obvious: short development cycles with rapid implementation success.

To be able to keep up with this high pace, testing has to adapt to working methods. Agile testing has become an indispensable part of the software development. Nowadays, it is not about whether agile methods should be used, but how they can be used correctly and, if necessary, scaled.

The change – the transformation from classic to agile methods – as well as the optimization of existing agile processes are the major challenges in many projects. Often, necessary changes are not implemented due to the pressure of the day-to-day business or diffused know-how in teams. Particularly in the area of testing and quality, there are often questions to be clarified and obstacles to be overcome.

We accompany and support you comprehensively and individually in testing and quality assurance in an agile manner. Our goal is to consistently increase the quality in various disciplines of the modern software development.

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Agile Testing diagram (b&w)
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Agile Tester

As an integral part of your agile team, we as testers not only bring extensive knowledge in the areas of test design, agile test methods and agile procedures, but also provide practical support in day-to-day business. Good cooperation with the team is just as important to us as communication with external project participants.

Agile Test Automation

Testing in agile projects differs from classic testing primarily in that tests have to be carried out much more frequently in short iterations. As a result, the product undergoes many more change and delivery cycles. It is therefore worth automating the tests in agile projects much earlier than in classic ones.

Quality Coach

We help your teams and other project participants to create a common understanding of quality and to align the day-to-day tasks with your quality goals. To achieve this, we not only consider the individual artifacts of the agile development and the applied test strategy, but also pay special attention to the cooperation between the individual project participants and to their personal skills. We support you in addressing a wide variety of quality requirements at an early stage of the development process, as well as in accompanying and tracking them through to production.

Agile Testing Agenda

Agile Testing Foundations

We live in fast-moving times and it’s not just software development that is becoming agile. But what does that mean for testers? Which methods can be used in an agile environment? How can sprints be used for testing? How are tests structured and organized and which tests are better integrated into automation? This workshop teaches the basics of testing in agile projects.

Session Based Testing

Testing is often a journey of discovery into the depths of a product. In agile software development, exploratory test methods are used for various reasons. However, exploratory testing is not just about taking a quick look. One method for structured exploratory testing is, for example, “Session Based Testing”.

Risk Storming

Do you know the risks of your product? Is that why you test “the right thing”? We help you to find the weak points quickly and playfully, and hopefully the user will not even get to know about them.

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Our testers support you in all matters relating to agile testing, whether manual or automated. We use our many years of experience to ensure the focus on quality.

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