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Test automation has gained considerable popularity in recent years. In agile projects in particular, the automation of test cases through fast development and release cycles is indispensable in order to give developers quick feedback and relieve testers of repetitive tasks.

At QualityMinds, we believe that test automation is more than just “test case programming”. We see test automation as an extension of test processes and practices.

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We work in projects for different industries: banks, automotive and insurance companies, as well as in the education and the public service sectors. We feel at home in all software development / process models, whether agile or classic, and we use the appropriate test methods in automation for each approach.

We support you in:

  • selecting the right automation tool depending on the technology, test level and area of ​​application;
  • prioritising test cases for automation;
  • generating value-adding metrics;
  • optimising the testability and maintainability of the system;
  • preparing Proofs of Concept (POCs);
  • implementing automation in the project in a very practical way.

We rely heavily on established open source frameworks such as Selenium, Cucumber (BDD), Postman and SoapUI. But we are also developing our own open source stack.

Test Automation diagram (color)
Test Automation diagram (b&w)
Test Automation Consulting

Among other things, we support you in answering the following questions (and of course their implementation):

  • What are the goals you want to achieve with test automation?
  • Is the software suitable for test automation?
  • Which automation tool is best for your area of ​​application?
  • Which of your tests are best for automation? On the other hand, which tests and processes cannot be automated?
  • Automation means investing, which is why we pay attention to the optimal use of resources.
  • Are the target test environments ready and stable enough?
  • Do you have suitable documentation to get started with test automation?

Together we analyse how much sense test automation makes for you. We help design a good strategy and support implementation.

Test Automation Workshops

Test automation strategy

Test automation specialists often struggle with project’s tight time schedule, but in order to automate test cases in a targeted manner, structure and planning are required. A test automation strategy helps here. We clarify the questions why, how and what should be automated and develop your test automation strategy together in this workshop.

From manual to automated test cases

Often, before the automated test cases we deal with manual ones. How do I choose appropriate test cases to be automated? Which test cases are actually suitable for automation? How is the test design different? And why shouldn’t all test cases be automated? We will get to the bottom of these and other questions together.

Setting up a test automation framework

At the beginning of a test automation project, one is faced with a variety of options. How do I decide which is the best test automation framework for the project? How do I know which design pattern best suits my needs? And how do I set up the project and integrate it into the test infrastructure? We analyze your project situation together and develop the structure of the test automation framework for your project.

Test Automation Tools


For test automation, it is important to use the right test methods, as well as the right tools. Here is an overview of some of the tools we use at QualityMinds:

UI test automation
  • Selenium
  • Protractor
  • Selenide
  • Cypress
API test automation
  • Postman
  • SoapUI
  • RestAssured
Performance testing
  • Apache JMeter
  • Gatling

A compilation of the tools we use is also available from Stackshare under the following link.

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Our team combines a lively mix of professional backgrounds with the curiosity and desire to increase software quality through test automation.

We are happy to support you with conceptual design, Proofs of Concepts or hands-on work in test automation.

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