Looking for a new challenge? Become a TestMaster now!


Be the new superhero in agile software development!

Are you involved in agile projects or coordinating test activities and you realize that things could go even faster if someone kept the big picture in mind?

Become the central person in the field of testing and as a TestMaster the new (s)hero in quality assurance! Manage all test activities across teams and help them achieve their goals even faster and more effectively.

Hero of TestMaster Senti

Activities of the TestMaster

What you will learn from us:

As a TestMaster you have a responsible role in agile projects: you monitor, control and plan cross-team tests and project activities. You also intervene when conflicts arise.

In order to support and prepare you for this role in best possible way, the training focuses on the following content:

  • testing in an agile environment
  • global test planning and test environment management
  • test management
  • agile test process improvement
  • project-wide synchronization of the test participants
  • management of the supplier acceptance process
TestMaster diagram (color)
TestMaster diagram (b&w)
TestMaster Coaching

Whom are we looking for?


You have been a tester for a long time now and want to take on more responsibility in agile projects?

Test Manager

Would you like to find out which new areas of responsibility and challenges await you in agile projects?

Scrum Master

Would you like to better understand and solve your testers’ problems?

Quality Lead

Would you like to advance the testing in your projects?

TestMaster Workshops

Workshop: process and scope

Agile learning

You complete your workload (approx. 120 hours, depending on your previous knowledge) on our learning platform with great flexibility and plan it accordingly to your (professional) everyday life. Whenever and wherever you want.

Self-learning phase

On our learning platform, developed specially for agile learning, you will receive easily understandable theoretical input in small steps. In addition, practical examples and numerous exercises will help you to transfer it into practice.

Personal contact

If you have any questions, our experts are always available.

Communities of Practice (CoP)

In a mutual exchange, you will reflect on and deepen the training content with other learners.

TestMaster certificate

Finally, after a successful oral exam, you will hold the “TestMaster” certificate in your hands.

Bastian Baumgartner, Santi

We look forward to hearing from you!

Bastian Baumgartner is a Test Manager and TestMaster with many years of experience in national and international projects. He has made it his goal to help you in best possible way in terms of planning, methodology and customised strategy in order to optimize the software quality. He will be happy to help you with any questions concerning the TestMaster.

Your contact person

Bastian Baumgartner
Head of Testing and TestMaster

+49 911 660732011

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