Data Warehouse, BI and ETL Testing

Data Warehouse, BI and ETL Testing


With rising quantity of data we need to analyse to make right business decisions, it is crucial to ensure its high processing quality, availability and reliability. We are experts on planning and testing of all required business systems.

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Don’t get blindsided by inaccurate data. Countless data flows in reporting processes of your organisation. Therefore, they need a safe journey from the extraction point to your desk. QualityMinds have skills and experience to plan and perform testing of your ETL, data warehouse and BI systems. You need to be able to trust data that comes from different sources, has different formats, has been transformed and prepared, and is prone to error through all those sources and processes. With our proven methodology, we will verify if the data flow between the source systems and your BI. The reporting will be accurate and effective. We will test for the real quality of the data you use, identify mistakes in the data acquisition process, not to mention verification for regulatory requirements compliance.

Best practice for best business intelligence
Data Warehouse, BI and ETL Testing Consulting

Management dashboards and control centres of a company are now the nucleus of corporate decision-making. Increasingly large data streams are having an ever greater influence on these systems – the more source systems, the greater the susceptibility to errors. However, the company’s KPIs are one of the decisive factors for processes, products and jobs, which is why they should under no circumstances be based on incorrect or missing input. Therefore, the correctness of the ETL processes and thus verified data streams within the business intelligence systems and data warehouses are of utmost importance. This is because the data is often extracted from a wealth of heterogeneous source systems and formats, transported and converted into comprehensible, well-prepared and, above all, correct reports and analyses. We can verify these processes with the help of our test methods within your compliance regulation and ensure that your business analyses are always of the highest quality.

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