Learners First. An Agile Approach to Learning


Learners Firs! An Agile Approach to Learning

“Learners First. An Agile Approach to Learning”

But is it that easy?

Trainings, seminars, workshops – they all give us the curriculum. But is this also the knowledge that you really need as an employee at this very moment, that builds on your existing prior know-how and that you can then apply in practice?
Many companies realize that the need for learning in a volatile world cannot be covered with classic standard training courses and development talks. It’s time for a new way of learning.

Dr Vera Baum and Dr Manuel Illi have now presented a book on this hot subject. They give scientifically sound answers and practical tips for the concrete implementation of an agile learning approach. They show how learning processes in the business environment can be made more efficient, needs-based and sustainable with the help of learning coaching and agile methods, and how a self-directed learning culture can be successfully established.

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About the authors

Dr Vera Baum

Dr Vera Baum

Managing Director / TeamLead QualityLearning,
QualityMinds GmbH

Dr Vera Baum studied pedagogy with the minor subjects psychology and computer science at the LMU Munich and received her doctorate there in 2016 on the subject of learning with new media. Thanks to her work in research and the associated practical implementation of several learning concepts and learning platforms, Dr Vera Baum is a sought-after expert for computer-aided learning. She combines the experienced perspective of a research-based educator with practical experience as a Scrum Master, Product Owner and Consultant. In 2018, she presented the agile learning approach to the United Nations in New York and Geneva as a contribution to greater equity in education.

Dr Manuel Illi

Dr Manuel Illi

Consultant, QualityMinds GmbH

Dr Manuel Illi researched and taught at the LMU Munich and the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. As a doctor of German studies and cultural studies, he works on topics in the areas of ethics, media, diversity, science, language theory and public outreach. He is particularly involved in the training and further education of teachers. His passion is teaching and learning coaching as well as new and alternative forms of learning. As an Agile Learning Coach, he supports learners in different contexts and companies on their individual learning journey.


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