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Successful, innovative products are not created by luck – they are the result of research into user needs and the correct application of modern technologies.

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Why do we need solid technology research?

Thanks to our expertise in the areas of product management, research and development as well as UI and UX design, our team competently accompanies you – from the idea to the product. Through a structured (but not rigid) process that we use both internally as well as with customers, and various methods such as Design Thinking, Discovery Workshops, Product Vision Canvas, etc., we are able to understand users’ problems and form a product vision.

Since the path that leads to the successful meeting of the user’s requirements is not predefined, we test all hypotheses directly through research, mock-ups and prototypes. Our experienced developers select the right technologies, which help us iteratively develop an MVP (Minimal Viable Product), thus creating added value right from the start. The MVP can then be further developed by our teams from the Software Bauhaus

An innovative product requires solid technology research. At QualityMinds, we continuously scan the market across the board (especially such technological trends as machine learning, AR / VR, blockchain, etc.) but also specifically scan for software development (e.g. microservices, new programming languages, automation techniques in DevOps, front-end frameworks, etc.). The result is a technology radar tailored to our knowledge. Thanks to this knowledge, we are always able to offer our customers the best possible technology in product development.

We are a treasury of good ideas, and we will happily support you with our workshops, as well as coaching and consulting offers.

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Product Technology Research for you and your idea

During our first session we get to know you and your idea. Then, depending on how advanced your idea is, we decide which method suits you best. The goal is to find out the greatest added value for your customers and to choose the right technology. To this end, we moderate, for example, a week-long design sprint or discovery workshops. There we pour your idea into the Product Vision Canvas, formulate a vision and develop a prototype.

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Meet the team

With us you are in the best of hands. We support you with our experience in corporate management, software development, UI and UX design and research.

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