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QualityMinds offers a wide array of service engagement models to able to cooperate with you. Industries, branches, companies as well as your ideas differ and they need individual approaches.

Based on our rich expertise in various industries and sectors, we help you drive innovation and performance, keep your systems running, and conserve your resources efficiently.

Our teams carry out your exact needs for your products and systems – fully transparent in strategy and costs as a Managed Service. Are requirements unclear or do you manage several development projects? Our SCRUM Team Delivery provides everything you need accross the whole development lifecycle – from requirements engineering to final product, with transparency and agile progress.

If your requirements and your milestones are set, but you still need more resources, project-based services will help you get your project across the finish line efficiently. And if you need resources in a given period of time or if your development process is ramped up and down again quickly, you can flexibly access our Time & Material approach to meet your requirements – all of them tailored exactly for your business case.

Engagement Models

Managed Services

Your idea, our services: based on our rich expertise in various industries and sectors, we are able to free up your resources while boosting your innovation – fully transparent in strategy and costs.

Managed Services
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You take care of your business while we design, staff and execute relevant processes, drive your development and thereby strengthen your brand with concentrated QualityMinds power. From strategy to re-implementation of testing insights into your software engineering, we support you with full transparency – onshore, offshore or onsite, you decide. We have had the privilege of guiding numerous products from different industries and sectors, from idea to market maturity, thus gaining the experience that you now need. In this way, you can continue to take care of the core tasks of your company without running the risk that your product is not up to the demands of the market. This offer is primarily intended for companies that have little testing experience or manpower to handle QA challenges, and also all companies wanting to boost their QA processes in order to ensure highest quality of their software. Are your requirements, your milestones clear, but you need the best possible quality management during development projects? Get in contact with us.

Scrum Team Delivery (Dedicated Team)

SCRUM Team Delivery (Dedicated Team)

Too many great ideas or projects to handle? Our SCRUM Team Delivery ensures transparency and agile progress.

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Together with you, our SCRUM Team Delivery approach ensures that vague product scenarios become tangible for you and your company, thanks to a whole product team put at your disposal. In workshops, we define your exact requirements for the product and plan for next steps for reaching MVP as soon as possible. In sprints, our agile approach ensures that your product is constantly reviewed and adapted during development instead of missing market and customer requirements. This way, you have the entire QualityMinds toolbox at your disposal, which helps create strategies that are precisely tailored to your products. This approach is particularly suitable for customers, who have an idea for a product and do not have time, skills and resources to build a delivery team.

Project-Based Services

Are your requirements and milestones clear, but your development still needs implementation support? Our project-based services get your product development process across the finish line – on time, onsite, onshore or offshore with high efficiency.

Project Based Services
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Your idea is taking shape and your product owner has set the requirements and milestones for this very project. How can you ensure that your development team moves forward in the most efficient way? Through efficient management at every step of your development project. At QualityMinds, we ensure that your product is managed in a coordinated and coherent way; that that milestones are achieved with the highest quality and that your development process is accelerated as a result. This saves you time, money and resources you can use elsewhere in your company. With our help, you develop a strategy. We support you in analysing and evaluating results in order to protect the development process from unpleasant and, above all, expensive surprises. This approach is suitable for projects with targeted milestones and fixed requirements.

Time & Material

Time & Material

Does your project not have definitive requirements? Do you need resources with precisely defined skillsets or more flexibility in your project? Time & Material brings you exactly what it promises: our high quality mindset, our expertise and a rich toolbox to get your project done in time and in the most flexible way.

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Do you lack time, manpower, knowledge to support your development process? QualityMinds can provide all of that to ensure the process will be successful. Time & Material is the most flexible way we let you share our expert knowledge – from requirements engineering, through software development to product strategy and maintenance. If you need resources in any period of time, if your development process is ramped up and down again quickly, you can flexibly access our QualityMinds, their knowledge and experience as well as the entire range of our toolbox – precisely tailored to your needs. This model is suitable for customers who know, what and how they want to achieve, yet lacking proper skills and resources to deliver.

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