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“More than every second error discovered after a change has gone live, is caused by deficiencies in test management” – this analysis is no longer entirely up-to-date, but shows the importance of a uniform and standardized procedure in the field of software testing. Test Manager assumes responsibility for the planning and implementation of the test and the evaluation of the test objects; they also plan and control the test project.
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It doesn't matter if:

  • the software development is carried out in the V-model, waterfall model or according to agile methods;
  • it is a desktop application, web application, mobile or IoT product;
  • the test object is a car, a washing machine or a web shop.

Test management should always be an essential part of the development process.

Test Management Consulting & Advisory Consulting

Systematic test management

supports the following processes during development:

  • planning and control of all test activities
  • planning and control of the necessary test resources
  • tutoring/training of the test teams
  • advising the project team on methods and tools
  • reporting to the project management / PO
  • release management
  • error management
  • participation in approval processes
  • planning and/or management of the test environments
  • and much more
Test Management Consulting & Advisory Workshops

Test strategy and Risk Storming

The market demands much more from today’s test managers than just classic test management, as it was only a few years ago.

Agile test managers act as project managers of the sub-project ‘testing’ – they advise and support you with all the questions relating to the test environment. They coach their testers in modern methods, adapt agilely to the respective customer requirements and generate added value that is reflected in the quality of the products. All these requirements are placed on test managers in today’s projects. During our workshops we offer full support and tutorials concerning those requirements.

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Whether national or international, in the private or public sector: our Minds support you in using the right methods in test management and advise you on the implementation of goal-oriented approaches.

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