Finance, Banking and Insurance


Finance, Banking and Insurance

Rapid digitization of banking, finance and fintech sectors that bypass or modernize traditional areas of business, require innovative responses and new approaches.

Our digital and agile know-how offers new possibilities to global and medium-sized financial companies such as complex and freely scalable test automation or swift development of high-quality software.

Open source automation solution

The Deutsche Bundesbank would like to modernize and consolidate its interbank traffic. To do this, the company needs an innovative approach to better deal with these challenges – from asynchronous testing of multi-scale payment processes to DevOps transformation. Deutsche Bundesbank needs an open source automation solution able to cover multiple interfaces (from web, mobile, API, REST to IBM host systems with MQ, IIB and DB2).

Finance Case study #1

Our contribution

As part of strategic consulting, QualityMinds designs both the product vision as well as test strategy – our activities are multi-faceted and we carry them out using open source automation (Java, Cucumber, Serenity, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.). This allows the underlying architecture to support multiple drivers, multiple environments / projects, and application scenarios for developers, testers, and maintenance teams. They create a virtual test system which isn’t steered from a server, but thanks to modern virtualization, from a laptop to any scaling in a private cloud. This system is a key pillar, especially in the case of parallel execution of hundreds of thousands of tests.


Open Source Risk Management

A global player in the insurance industry is developing a modular SaaS solution to control natural disaster and climate change risks. When using open source solutions, testing during software development should be fast, iterative, and risk-based.

Finance Case study #2

Our contribution

Several QualityMinds work fully integrated in the company’s scrum teams. They advise and support operational requirements engineering and software development. Agile methods ensure an effective approach to the complex process of generating ideas and transparent development work as well as the rollout of a high-quality product.


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