Agile Leadership Workshop

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Experiencing agility as a manager – an interactive session

Experience agility during the session and at the themed stations

The participants learn about agility both in the course of the session and at the stations, where they can deal in depth with the topics of their choice.

Combination of exercises, exchange and reflection for the greatest possible added value

The participants can gather experiences, discuss them and reflect on their leadership practice in line with the respective topic. This combination is intended to ensure that the participants deal with the topicsfrom different perspectives and derive the greatest possible benefit from them.

Customer and result orientation

In the stations, the participants should think about their customers and their needs as well as their way of leading and draw conclusions for their leadership practice.

Your benefits at a glance

Developing a common understanding of leadership in agile working environments: dealing with agility (station 3) and related topics such as self-organization (station 8) and learning (station 7); discussion and conclusion for one's own leadership practice.

Getting to know your (own) agile leadership styles: self and external reflection on one's own leadership style, underlying principles, goals and results (station 1); the experience of how to lead in agile situations (station 2, 4, 5), discussion of leadership styles in organizations (station 6).

Deriving a roadmap for your own leadership style: a reflection on what you - as a manager - would like to put down, keep or try out. This takes place in the course of the interactive session under supervision in phase I (planning), and in phase III (retrospective).



Phase 0: Introduction (5 min)

Phase 1: Planning (20 min)

Phase 2: Interaction (2 x 25 min, + 5 min)

Phase 3: Retrospective (15 min)


8 hours


on request


on request


6-12 participants


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What other participants say about our workshops:

“What I like about the offers from QualityMinds is that through their concept, they manage to convey quite a new ‘worldview’. Understanding the idea is the key to respective approach and on this basis they develop the appropriate mindset. As a result, you don’t need rigid procedures or transformation projects for implementation in your own company – just use a little creativity and you will see that even small changes can have a big impact.”

Steffi Michailowa

HR specialist – Learning & Education Portfolio, ABB AG

“As I see it, QualityLearning represents the development of tomorrow’s personnel – away from rigid measures and frameworks, towards a really individualized approach in which the learner is indeed in the focus of the learning process. It offers organizations and individuals an effective opportunity to get fit for the future and to think about ‘lifelong learning’ in concrete terms and away from buzzwords.”

Anja Pabst

HR Interim Manager l HR Project Leader I Coach, passion@work

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