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Teamwork can be very motivating, but it will not take off by itself. How can agility be lived in a team? How can a team continuously develop? How can the basic values of agility be integrated into daily practice? What methods are there to support an agile team in the best possible way? What does (real) self-organisation look like in an agile team? How can conflicts in the team be moderated and resolved? How can obstacles be turned into opportunities?

Our experienced Scrum Masters support you and your team not only hands-on, but they will also help with your individual challenges.

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How not to let empathy fall by the wayside

Remote Scrum Master

How not to let empathy fall by the wayside


We help your team to develop and grow beyond itself

Thanks to our experienced Scrum Masters, we can help you and your team to develop in a self-organised and sustainable way: from the agile mindset and a lively scrum culture to the use of innovative and creative tools from the agile method box.

Our Scrum Masters always focus on the “how” of your collaboration and raise it to a new level. We are convinced that effective and sustainable teamwork will not only continuously increase the value of the product, but also noticeably improve the fun, motivation and commitment of the team members.

Since, as Scrum Masters, we take the basic agile idea of “Inspect & Adapt” seriously, we see learning as a supporting pillar of development in scrum teams and every change, which we always welcome, as a learning process. For this reason, all our Scrum Masters at QualityMinds are also passionate Agile Learning Coaches.

We believe that every scrum team is unique. In this case, the “one size fits all” rule does not apply. We support you not only by taking on the role of Scrum Master in your team, but also by providing targeted Scrum coaching and suitable impulses – be it for your whole team or just for you in your role as Scrum Master.

Successfully developing teams through Scrum Masters

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Scrum Master Consulting

Scrum Master for your Scrum team

You are starting a new Scrum team? A Scrum Master is going on parental leave? Whatever the reason, our Scrum Masters can join your team work flexibly and quickly.

We have been working online in diffused teams for years, but we are also present on-site. For both settings, our Scrum Masters have a wide range of agile methods and practices at hand, which they apply in a goal-oriented manner: from team/product vision and team analyses, to support for the Product Owners.

Contact us and we will find the right match for you and your team.

Scrum Master Coaching

Scrum Master Coaching

Are you looking for a way of personal and professional development for yourself or for Scrum Masters in your environment? Maybe just a breath of fresh air or a sparring partner in “Scrum Mastering”?

Our long-standing Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches are the right companions on your individual path in the field of scrum and team development. All of them are also trained Learning Coaches and can support targeted further development via, for instance, ‘learning sprint’ method.

Are you curious? Then get in touch with us and let’s think together about what the next steps could be.


Here you can find input, podcasts and free materials for your Scrum Master practice.

Scrum Master Workshops

Team Building, Strengths Workshop, Team Analysis

Have you and your Scrum team arrived at a particular milestone? Are you just starting a new project? Something is changing in your team’s line-up? You want to take a closer look at the status quo of your team collaboration?

In a joint Team Building, Strengths or Team Analysis workshop, we will find out together with your team what is you current status and where the journey can go. Based on the individual strengths of the team members, we jointly decide on appropriate measures and develop concrete strategies for implementation.

Would you like to learn more about these workshops? Write to us and together we will find out what suits you and your team best.

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We look forward to your request!

No matter if you want to gain first experiences with Scrum as a team or if you already have sound Scrum experience and simply looking for new impulses, our Scrum Masters will be happy to get to know and accompany you and your team on your agile journey in your company.

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