Upcycling for the protection of the environment – Nuremberg Volunteering Day 2022

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For the second year in a row, our QualityMinds colleagues participated in the Nuremberg Corporate Volunteering Day “IN ACTION” organised by the „Unternehmen Ehrensache“ network.

Of course, we weren’t the only ones who did! A total of 17 companies and 250 employees from the Nuremberg metropolitan area have helped 26 non-profit social, cultural or ecological institutions in Nuremberg’s Galgenhof/Steinbühl district and supported their great projects.

Together with the State Association for Bird Protection (LBV for short), we have implemented an upcycling project that gives old devices a second life and helps nature keep more biodiverse.

Who does not know them: the colorful small and large boxes that hung on house walls or were set up in kiosks. They made children’s eyes light when allowed to spin the big black wheel for 10 pfennigs and when chewing gum or a small toy tumbled out.

We gave two of these old chewing gum machines a new life and converted them. They no longer spit out chewing gum, but rather flower balls with flower seeds. These flowering balls, also known as BlossomBombs, are then distributed in the urban areas and can thus provide the bees or other insects with the habitat they need. We wanted to spread this action outside the local area and also converted and upcycled an old wagon. The result was a “Blossom-Bomb-automated-mobile” that can now distribute the seed balls throughout the city or can be taken to events to draw attention to environmental protection – above all to bird protection.

Project days like these enable social institutions in Nuremberg and participating companies to do things that would hardly be possible without external support.

For QualityMinds, it paid off double since we take great care of learning to be a sustainable company in all our actions and we managed to promote volunteer commitment. QualityMinds management offers our employees up to 5 days of paid leave for volunteer projects that are close to their hearts.

Andreas Krause (Requirements Engineer, QualityMinds GmbH):  

The Nuremberg Volunteer Day is a great opportunity to do volunteering work outside of the industry and without any bureaucracy. To get out of the day-to-day business for a day and do some manual work – with the support of the employer – that was simply great!


Ehrenamtstag 2022

written by

Christian Krause