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We all know it: “time to market” is the buzzword which should lead us all to developing high-quality software swiftly, efficiently and in an agile manner.

However, software development is a highly complex process which generally requires consideration of a bunch of factors from the start. If the development is being outsourced, there is another key factor which determines the success of the entire enterprise: trust. Without a trust-based relationship between the customers and the QualityMinds Software Bauhaus team, the former cannot fully focus on other relevant projects while we develop their software. At the same time, the stable foundation we need to successfully deliver an externally developed software, is missing.

That is precisely the reason why trust is the cornerstone of the Software Bauhaus concept. How does it work? We begin with the Discovery Phase. We meet with you and discuss all the factors which could potentially cause difficulties, considering both the business side as well as the technical implementation. This is where our long-standing expertise in developing software for numerous industry sectors comes in handy. Our company has been on the market for only ten years, but our individual experts have already worked in development for decades: they know the pressure points of the development process and have the experience not only to bring them to your attention, but to fix them as well.

We use a vast array of instruments and methods, which we implement in our own company as well: through requirements engineering we analyze whether everything necessary for creating the product has been considered. We apply design thinking methods in our workshops to complement your perspective on the product with our own. This way, we can ask the correct questions fast and deliver results quickly. Together, we define the requirements for the product, the technology, the staff, and the development process to determine what is necessary and to make “time to market” really happen.

We are obviously aware that the price is very important to you. Aren’t external requirements engineering and workshops super expensive? It doesn’t have to be the case. Software Bauhaus presents you with the opportunity to purchase this first step to your agilely developed software at a fixed price. Your risk becomes manageable while you get added value thanks to our expertise in software development. At the same time, we get to know each other better and through that create the trust necessary for the next step – the so-called Build Phase.

Interested? Schedule an appointment with our experts and consult with them. We are looking forward to talking to you.


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Michael Mlynarski