Let’s Test: the Vending Machine

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Our last Let’s Test session covered one of my favorite exercises: the Vending Machine.

It sounds unspectacular at first, but in my humble opinion, it is one of the most creative and entertaining methods of taking a close look at an everyday test object and practicing everything that is part of the testing process. Furthermore, you also deal with test design and test strategy. You can find out more about the Vending Machine here: How to write Test Cases for a Vending Machine in 2023 – FREE Test Cases

What for?

Testing is actually a very creative activity that requires not only curiosity but also “thinking outside the box”. The Vending Machine is therefore now an integral part of our Meet the Minds Days (not only) for junior testers and career changers. Since the whole team always takes part in such meetings, everyone should also be familiar with the method – and in addition to the professionalism, we simply wanted to have fun by choosing a not-so-everyday test object.

What and how did we test

The background to the idea of the test object is a bit longer and inspired by a comic series, but in short it can be explained as follows: in the middle of the galaxy there is a vending machine where different species with different physiognomic properties can buy energy balls which can emit radiation.

We have split into two groups and should first consider what this machine could look like in terms of form, function, nature and usability. Very quickly it becomes clear that there is much more to consider. Does the machine need to be attached or secured (is there gravity in this galaxy?)? Who fills the machine and how? Where must buttons be placed so that all species can reach them? How do the energy balls have to be packed so that no one is harmed by the radiation?

All of this took up a whole session, so that in the following one we started introducing the two machines and agreeing on one or two quality criteria for each. We then considered and discussed test cases for these and worked on a test strategy (what, how and how intensively must be tested).


In a playful way, we started with the development of the machine, created and checked requirements, practiced test design and created a lean test strategy. At the same time, we kept an eye on many of the fundamental quality criteria such as functionality or maintainability of the software using the vending machine as an example. And due to the change in perspective for different species, we naturally have not forgotten the requirements in terms of diversity, security, comprehensibility and usability. Long story short: testing is fun!

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Let's Test: Risk Storming

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