10 good reasons to hire external Scrum Masters

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In our experience, making first steps towards agility with external help can prove very useful. We prepared a list of “pros” for you:

  1. Independent: external Scrum Masters can identify and tackle problem areas and challenges more easily
  2. Transfer of learning: they bring experience from various customer projects
  3. Thinking outside the box: they facilitate agile transformation with their extensive knowledge
  4. Clear view: they are less prone to be routine-blinded
  5. Connecting: they have more freedom in communicating with (hierarchical) levels
  6. Accompanying: they can coach team members into their role
  7. Trustworthy: they can more easily implement a modern error culture
  8. Good example: they show the team what they can do to become more agile – step by step
  9. Inspiring: they establish an Inspect & Adapt mindset to get better with every sprint
  10. Flexible: they can be booked faster, at shorter notice and for a limited period of time.


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Tim Struck